The discount will be applied to the original purchase amount, which does not include taxes and shipping. Eventual Tax/VAT is calculated on the price AFTER the code is applied. Shipping is also added to the amount, and must be paid - if it’s not FREE shipping.

If your gift certificate discount code amount is LOWER than your purchase amount, you will be required to pay the balance (as well as the tax only on that balance). If your gift certificate discount code amount is HIGHER than your purchase amount, you will be reimbursed for the difference with a NEW discount code within 48 hours of your purchase.  You must include a NOTE to us upon check out, letting us know of this.  All new discount codes generated for your balance will be sent to you via the email address associated with your purchase.  Also, because this sum of money essentially brings your purchase to zero (0), this eliminates the need for taxes to be charged (as tax on an amount of zero (0) is in fact zero (0)). 

Keep in mind that we send the code to the one who will have it - the code will not be sent automatically. Then write the email address of the person you want to have the gift card.

Note! These Gift Certificates are only sold to customers outside the EU. This because of the VAT. If you order within the EU, VAT will be added (the system will do this automatically). If you live in the EU, you can let someone outside the EU buy this Gift Certificate for you (then it will be without VAT). These Gift Certificates are not physical - only by email.

Gift Certificate expires within 12 months.


If you have any questions, or need assistance with using your discount code or Gift Certificate, please contact

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